Court in the time of Covid


Since the start of Covid, clients are constantly calling asking how court will be handled, why are their court dates changing, what’s going to happen? And the answer always remains the same: We are here. We are working. We are resolving cases. In a time of many uncertainties, one this remains constant: JC is working and resolving cases for his clients.

Just like our clients, we too have adapted to a more virtual world and have created a Client Portal that gives our clients 24/7 access to their files, court dates, invoices and payment plans. You can log in and review documents, submit documents, view court dates and communicate with Attorney JC and his staff. This new flexibility allows clients to make payments on dates that work for them, right from their cell phones.

So, what is going on with the courthouse? Do I need to be in court? What if I don’t feel safe going to court? The Pitt County Courthouse is open and running with new stipulations and smaller court sizes. This means that your case could be set off for months. Not only do we want to deliver great results to our clients but we also want to make them comfortable. In most District Court cases, you can sign a waiver and allow JC to represent you and you do not have to jeopardize your health or safety by going to the courthouse. JC will go to your court dates for you. This has always been true, but it’s even more important for clients now.

Now is actually a great time to resolve tickets and reinstate licenses. JC was a former Pitt County Assistant District Attorney and he has maintained a good working relationship with the DA’s Office since his departure. Even when court was “closed” he was filing motions, meeting with DA’s and resolving cases.

Let JC do the heavy lifting. Give our office a call at 252-752-5505 or shoot us a text 252-376-6524. We’re here to help, always!


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