All Drug Cases

man in handcuffs

North Carolina has some of the strictest drug laws in the country. You may be stopped for speeding and if you are in possession of as little as one ounce of marijuana, you could be facing a misdemeanor drug charge. Unfortunately, if you are carrying more than an ounce-and-a-half, you could be facing a felony charge. You cannot take these charges lightly as they are very serious and can result in jail time. While there is an ongoing attempt to decriminalize lesser quantities of marijuana possession, currently, these efforts are stalled.

Marijuana is not the only illegal drug for which you may be facing a criminal charge. Depending on how the legislature has classified the drug, you could be facing charges which, if you are convicted, are automatically considered a felony. To compound this, depending on the amount of drug in your possession at the time of your interaction with law enforcement, you could also be facing additional charges including distribution or manufacturing. Remember, in some cases, a state drug charge can lead to charges on a federal level meaning the penalties can be more severe.

Your freedom is at risk if you are convicted of a drug charge in North Carolina. Contact JC Law and work with an experienced drug defense attorney who is not afraid to fight to protect your rights and help you get a favorable verdict.