Expunction Attorney

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Having a criminal record expunged means you can lawfully answer no when asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime. There are some violations that cannot be expunged, but for those who have been convicted of a crime that qualifies, we can help clear your record.

When the expungement rules changed in December 2017, the tens of thousands of potential beneficiaries were unaware of how the changes impacted their ability to have their record cleared. The new rules state the following:

  • Those convicted of a misdemeanor may seek expungement after 5 years (reduced from 15)
  • Felony convictions may be expunged after 10 years (reduced from 15)
  • Limits on dismissals have been lifted
  • All records are now open to both law enforcement and to prosecutors

The expungement process can be confusing and mistakes in the application process can cause unnecessary delays. Therefore, many people who have a criminal record turn to an experienced expungement attorney for assistance. If you are facing challenges that could be eliminated if you have a prior criminal record, contact JC Law for help to have your record cleared. Your past mistakes need not prevent you from obtaining the job you want, finding housing, or being denied any services based on information found in a background check.