Traffic Violations Defense

Red traffic lights in mist

Many of us think a traffic citation is not a big deal. However, a traffic citation can result in fines, points against your driving record, and increased insurance costs. A guilty finding will follow you for years and additional traffic violations put your rights to operate a motor vehicle in North Carolina at risk.

Repeated violations could result in the loss of your license. This loss could mean challenges getting to school and work which means a loss of earning power. Many people take the position a speeding ticket, or other traffic violation is too time-consuming to fight and simply pay the fine. What many do not realize is paying the ticket is the equivalent of pleading guilty. Regardless of what type of violation you are facing, you will have a mark on your driving record. Over a period of three years, one need only accumulate eight points to have their license suspended.

You should never pay a traffic ticket without speaking with an experienced Pitt County, North Carolina traffic violation defense attorney first. Contact JC Law today and let’s discuss the violation and determine what options are available to you. We have experience defending these cases in court, and we can help you keep your driving record clean.