Attorney John “JC” Criscitiello

Attorney John "JC" Criscitiello

John Criscitiello focuses his legal practice exclusively on criminal defense. John Criscitiello, pronounced Cris—c—t—ello prefers to go by ‘JC’. Starting out, JC spent over five years as n Assistant District Attorney in Pitt County, where he handled thousands of felony cases in both District and Superior Court. As an assistant district attorney, a large number of his cases went to Superior Court and tried before a jury.

His experience as a former prosecutor built the foundation from which he now practices as a defense attorney. Trial experience matters when selecting an attorney for your case. You need to be confident in your attorney’s experience. Actual trial experience is the key stone of defense work. It is this experience that cannot be explained to someone or learned by reading a manual to absorb it. Trial experience is gained in a court room, in front of a jury. Trial experience is being hyper-aware of each movement during a trial and creating a plan that is fluid to achieve your client’s goal.

In his current private practice, he represents individuals charged with any criminal offenses in both state and federal courts. JC handles all traffic violations, alcohol related charges including DWI’s, and drug offenses. He practices in Superior Court where he represents individuals charged with serious felonies which may result in jury trials. JC brings both focus and determination to each client matter and utilizes his knowledge of the criminal court system to advise and serve clients.

JC is a member of the North Carolina State Bar. He was President of the Pitt County Criminal Defense Bar. JC is also admitted to practice in the Federal Court System.

JC is a graduate of Campbell University School of Law and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He grew up in Plymouth, NC and is a graduate of Plymouth High School. In his leisure, John enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his family and dog, Millie.